Source & Video: WABI TV


Construction began on a new regional hospital in Augusta Friday morning. The pricetag is around $312-million. At a groundbreaking ceremony that featured state and municipal officials much of the talk centered on the workers who will help build the facility. At it’s peak this project will employ more than 600 workers per day. The goal is to make sure it’s Maine companies who do the bulk of the work. “The result of the local approach has been staggering,” said John Scott, the Senior Project Manager. “Today we subcontracted about $145-million worth of work. Of that over $140 million has gone to individual sub-contractors from Maine or partnerships between Maine contractors and national contractors.”Much of the project’s cost is being taken care of by grants from the Harold Alfond Foundation but fundraising efforts are continuing. At Friday’s ceremony the Alfond Foundation once again stepped up to help out with those efforts. Kicking in more than $8-million dollars more toward the effort.The hope is the project will be finished in 3 years.