Forms of Delivery

JF Scott Construction is experienced in several forms of construction Delivery including Design-Bid-Build (DBB), Construction Management (CM), and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).  DBB may offer lower initial costs, but exposure to change orders often offsets potential savings.  A lack of cost input can lead to bids coming in over budget requiring costly re-design.  We remain active in the DBB market. We feel we bring the most value to the project using the more collaborative approaches of CM and IPD. 

Construction Management at Risk

Construction Management at Risk allows greater communication and sharing of information among the owner, designer, and contractor.  Gaining a full understanding of the project objectives, we perform the duties of the construction manager sharing the same project team goals.  The AIA A133 Construction Management at Risk Contract is an industry standard and we have used it dozens of times over our careers and continue to use it regularly.

Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery is a highly collaborative contractual arrangement designed to align the parties’ objectives and risks.  Each party shares in the risks and rewards of the project, a concept with which we are experienced and comfortable.  Our entire management and supervisory team worked on the Alfond Center for Care, the largest IPD project on the East Coast.  This same team worked together to complete the $16 million Thayer Center for Health under an IPD Agreement providing us extensive experience managing contracts and relationships following IPD philosophy. We believe an environment of trust and respect is critical to a successful IPD project.

Schedule Acceleration

With the increased necessity for aggressive schedules, we often release early bid packages.  These early packages can have scheduling and budgeting advantages.  We are comfortable managing the procurement and coordination of early bid packages.  Early site and structural packages can impact schedule by significant amounts of time. If there are advantages to the project, negotiating with subcontractors is a process we have also used. We typically follow a Request for Proposal process to select negotiated subcontracts, including both qualification based and competitive based components. Early involvement of key subcontractors brings value to a project providing cost and value feedback early in the design.

JF Scott Construction has assembled a team of individuals who believe that teamwork and collaboration are the path to a successful project.  We have a proven track record working under the tenets of IPD.  While an IPD contract can push a project team to fully embrace IPD many of the philosophies translate into our day to day business, the open communication and sharing of information.  When there is an environment of trust, decisions can be made that are truly in the best interest of the project.